We install systems for the growing aquaculture industry.

We build and install a practical system that is easy to operate and maintain for aquaculture and aquaponic systems consisting of:

  • Bioreactors for the efficient removal of ammonia and carbon dioxide from the fish pond water
  • High dissolved oxygen input which is vital for fish health and the health of the biological system
  • Course filtration clarifiers (sludge can be utilized as organic fertilizer)
  • Fine filtration clarifiers for filtering the finer suspended solids from the water
  • Low water loss through the highly efficient and well designed bioreactors – the heart and lungs of the entire system

Koi Pond Filtration Systems

WATERfirst employs a unique bioreactor as the heart and and lungs of the recirculating aquaculture system (known as the RAS). This system is fully aerated and provides enough oxygen vital for the nitrifying bacteria to take out ammonia effectively and provide sufficient oxygen for healthy, happy fish.

Being a recirculating aquaculture system, WATERfirst RAS is designed to keep water loss through cleaning of filters to a minimum. And due to its highly efficient bioreactors, top up water is also kept to a minimum as well.

Bio- Mech Koi Pond Filtration System

This is an all in one biological and mechanical filtration system for small to medium sized Koi ponds consisting of:

The mechanical filter which captures the suspended solids from the water as it filters down to the biological filter below. It is a filter that is durable and is easy to clean. There is a high level overflow which, when the water reaches this point, indicates that the filters need to be cleaned.

The Biological filter acts as a house for the nitrifying bacteria which converts toxic ammonia to nontoxic nitrates.

The system is designed to supply ample oxygen to sustain a healthy fish population.

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