Water saving tips you can use every day:

  • Limit your shower time to last 5 minutes or less, which can save up to 21 000 litres of water per year
  • Switch the water off while shaving or brushing your teeth. Don’t let the water run while you are at the sink or shaving in the shower.
  • Only wash dishes when necessary. Wait until you have enough dishes and clean them all at once
  • Fix any leaks. Leaky taps drip constantly which can waste up to 40 000 litres a year. That’s a lot of water down the drain!
  • Water your garden when the sun is down or early in the morning. This allows the plants to soak up the water without it being evaporated by the sun which can save up to 100 litres at a time.
  • Water your plants with recycled water. Using your bath water or water without poisonous chemicals in them. This is referred to as grey water.
  • Recycle: Recycling plastics and other household waste actually saves water. Why? Because creating new products requires water and if you recycle then companies don’t have to create new materials from scratch.
  • Use grey water to flush toilets. You can use the water from your bath to flush your toilets. After you’re done bathing, fill a bucket with your bath water and pour it in the toilet tank or bowl. If you take a shower, you can use a bucket to collect water while you shower – just stand in the shower and let the water collect as you do your regular shower routine.
  • Only wash full loads of clothes as washing half loads only wastes water, and the same goes for your dishwasher.


Be a Water Warrior!

These are only a few of the ways you can save water. Keep an eye on our page for our next article on how you can do your part for the environment. Or you could be more hands-on and have a look at our water saving devices we have on offer (this sounds like a good way to productively procrastinate to me). Just remember – water is love, water is life. Save our most precious resource.