What is sewage treatment?

Sewage treatment is the method of eradicating impurities from waste water. WATERfirst offers a biological process to remove these contaminants and once treated the waste water can safely be discharged into the environment.

What does WATERfirst offer?

WATERfirst offers package plants specifically to deal with clients who are off municipal sewer lines, for example game farms, remote schools, golf courses etc.

These package plants are specially designed for the client’s requirements and being modular can be added to if waste water output increases. Being a biologically system means the system is alive, WATERfirst uses innovative techniques to create a perfect environment which ensures the beneficial bacteria thrive to treat your waste water affectively.

Our package plants consists of heavy duty roto-moulded tanks, and for larger treatment plants WATERfirst offers, (in conjunction with your building contractor), a concrete system suited to your needs that accommodates all phases of the treatment process.

We at WATERfirst are committed to after sales service to keep your Waste Water Treatment Plant running at optimum efficiency.

The WATERfirst Aerated Waste Water Treatment Plant (AWWTP) consists of the following stages:

Water Saving Port Elizabeth

What are the benefits of installing a WATERfirst AWWTP?

  • Units are designed to accommodate the clients specific waste water treatment needs
  • The AWWTP is easy to maintain.
  • This is a Eco-Friendly biological process with no addition of chemicals
  • Units are compact therefore requiring little installation space.
  • Units can be installed in any convenient area
  • All units are sealed to ensure no unpleasant sewage odours.
  • The treated effluent water can be safely reused for irrigation purposes or released into the environment.
  • Installation can be above ground or partially submerged.
  • All units can be expanded if the client’s sewage output demands increase.
  • Shamwari Game Reserve, Eastern Cape
  • Kuzuko Lodge, Greater Addo
  • Lalibela Game Reserve, Eastern Cape
  • Shamwari Game Reserve, Eastern Cape
  • Submerged unit, Eastern Cape
  • Lalibela Private Reserve, Eastern Cape
  • Sumcay Camping Centre, Port Elizabeth
  • Treated water leaving the sewage treatment plant