Rainwater harvesting

Harvesting rainwater is a vital consideration for all South African households.

WATERfirst installs rainwater tanks for:

  • Domestic household use
  • Commercial use
  • Industrial use.

Tanks of all sizes can be installed from slim lines that fit into that tight corner at home, to a bank of 20,000 litre tanks for rain catchment from industrial roofs.

Filtrations systems for rainwater harvesting and borehole water

Rain water – for drinking purposes

WATERfirst installs filtration systems for rainwater harvesting making the water you have harvested fit for human consumption.

Borehole water – for general household use and garden usage.

A water sample needs to be taken and sent to a laboratory for analysis to find out the chemical makeup of your water. From these analysis the appropriate filtration system can be calculated to alleviate any imbalances in the water such as high calcium, magnesium, iron levels etc.