Grey water is a valuable resource

80% of our domestic water is used in keeping ourselves, our clothing, our general home environments and cars clean!

In times of drought that South Africa has been experiencing, instead of releasing your grey water into the sewer lines, you can utilise this water in your garden to keep your living space green which benefit the flora and fauna that also suffers in times of drought.

The average family of four uses 400 litres of water per day (averaging 12,000 litres a month). Over time this becomes a large volume of water of which much of it can be constructively reused.

WATERfirst offers 2 solutions for reusing your grey water. Firstly all your plumbing lines that are not related to sewage are redirected into a sump tank. From here there are 2 options:

  1. Transfer tank – for immediate release into your garden.

Once the sump tank is full a pump will automatically switch on and disperse the grey water to wherever you have placed your garden sprinkler. This water is not treated and is only suitable for immediate release into your garden.

  1. Grey Water Treatment Plant – This is a more complicated system that will clean the water biologically and gives you more options for reuse.

From the sump tank the water feeds into bio reactors, this is a biological treatment process that relies on living friendly bacteria to clean the water of the soap suds etc. From here it goes into a storage tank and is ready for reuse at your convenience. Being treated, this water will not smell like untreated grey water. Because this water goes through a biological treatment process it can hereafter be used for:

  • Watering your gardens
  • Topping up your swimming pool
  • For washing cars

  • Grey Water Treatment Eastern Cape
  • Grey Water Treatment Eastern Cape
  • Grey Water Treatment Eastern Cape
  • Grey Water Treatment Eastern Cape