Specialists in Waste Water Treatment

Waterfirst specializes in waste water treatment – Waste water being sewage water, grey water, car wash bay water and aquaculture waste water. This waste water goes through a series of treatment stages before it can be reused. The stages of treatment, from anaerobic through to aerobic are all biological processes. Being biological we are dealing with living organisms which require specific environmental conditions to survive and thrive.
Waterfirst ensues optimum conditions for these complex biological processes at all times through innovative aeration and circulation methods. These methods are carried out in all the bioreactors, (aerobic stages), optimizing the bioremediation of waste water.
Waterfirst  makes sure that the natural processes taking place in the reactors stay complex and the rest of the system stays as simple and robust as possible so that maintenance of the treatment plants are kept to a minimum. Waterfirst’s waste water treatment plants can be installed above ground or partially submerged and are also modular so that they can be increased in size when necessary.

All systems are designed, built and maintained by WATERfirst and are ideal for on-site treatment at:

Aquaculture Port Elizabeth

  • Housing Developments and eco estates/villages
  • Game Farms and Lodges
  • Schools (with waste water returning onto sports fields)
  • Hotels
  • Car Wash Bays
  • Golf Courses and Golf Course Wash Bays
  • Construction Sites
  • Remote Hospitals
  • Domestic and industrial use

“Water is the most valuable commodity on earth and without it nothing survives. We need to look after it wherever and whenever we can and every little pocket of a balanced ecosystem is a positive step forward for the good of the earth.”